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The first flights over the Grand Canyon and Boulder Dam and the first air tours at a National Park

Famous airport visitors include Lindbergh, Earhart, Post, Mollison, and others.

Personal stories and photographs of families who lived at the airport 1927-1937

Lavishly Illustrated With Rare Vintage Photographs
120 pp, Soft Cover



The Original Grand Canyon Airport by Giacinta Bradley Koontz
Every chapter is illustrated with images of Ford Trimotors, Travelairs, and more Golden Age aircraft. Koontz’s original research at the airport during 2005 resulted in a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Naval Aviator, Rear Admiral Ernest Eugene “Gene” Tissot, Jr. (USN Ret.), shared personal memoires and family photographs from his childhood years living at the airport and near Boulder Dam (now Hoover Dam). These stories and most of the photographs have never before been published.
– A 1930s Scrapbook of Life at Red Butte Aerodrome, Arizona

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