Carroll F. Gray, Ed Fitzgerald, and Giacinta Bradley Koontz

At the podium of the Quincy Historical Society Museum for the public lecture:
Guest Speaker and aviation historian and author, Carroll F. Gray, QHSM Director, Ed Fitzgerald, and Giacinta Bradley Koontz.  (On the wall is a portrait of Ruth Gordon, an actress who lived in the Quincy area.)

workshop HQRC 2000
Workshop HQRC 2000


Gia at final HQRC conference

The gavel used for six years to open and close the
"Harriet Quimby Research Conference" came down for the final time.

HARRIET'S RAGTIME COSTUME BALL - United First Parish Church, Quincy, Massachusetts, October 20, 2000

Giacinta Bradley Koontz with dancers Hanna and Tony Artuso

With the help of the COMMONWEALTH VINTAGE DANCERS of Massachusetts we did the "Aeroplane," the "One-Step," a "Grand March," and other Ragtime dances.  Ragtime music was popular during Harriet Quimby's adult life.  Although there is no evidence she visited this church, it was within her view as she traveled to Squantum in 1912.

The church dance floor is above the tombs of Louisa Adams, John Adams, Abigail Adams, and John Quincy Adams. The Bush family now joins the Adams family as the only father-son Presidents of the United States.



99s FLY-IN
October 22, 2000

Aerial View of the Boston Light

This view of Little Brewster Island is essentially the same view Harriet Quimby saw on her last and fatal flight from Squantum, Massachusetts (Quincy) around the Boston Lighthouse on July 1, 1912.

Our flights were arranged with special clearance from Logan International Airport Tower with the assistance of Russ McGuire, Airport Manager and Al Burri, Air Traffic Control, at Norwood Municipal Airport (OWD).

These photographs were taken from approximately 500 feet above water. - GBK

aerial view of Little Brewser Islandaerial view of Little Brewster Island and the Boston Lighthouse


HQRC 2000
HQRC 1995-1999:
HQRC logo
Gia in front of Bleriot propeller
Gia with Bleriot at Rhinebeck, 1996
Photos: Giacinta at Rhinebeck in 1996, with Bleriot.

The 1998 Conference was hosted by the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum where several chapters of the 99s participated in a FLY-IN honoring Harriet.  At the "Airzoo" and Western Michigan University the free public program included a screening of "Harriet Quimby" an episode from the Hallmark Hall of Fame television series in addition to lectures on the Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation and Museum and the life of Harriet Quimby. Our featured guest speaker was Dr. Tom D. Crouch , Sr. Curator of the Aeronautics Department, National Air & Space Museum, who spoke to a standing-room-only crowd on the Wright Brothers patent disputes.

 In October 1999, no workshop or public lecture was held while I visited several aviation museums in England and completed research for my biography on Harriet's life. I gave several informal talks on Harriet Quimby and made a commemorative flight across the English channel as a passenger wearing a copy of Harriet's flying costume in a (modern) French built, single engine monoplane. - GBK

October of 1995, our first Conference was held in Arroyo Grande, California where Harriet's family briefly visited before moving on to San Francisco from Michigan.   Our free public lecture program included Henry M. Holden and Ed. Y. Hall, both authors of books about Harriet. The 99s held their first FLY-IN honoring Harriet at Santa Maria Airport.

The 1996 Conference took place in Long Island, NY, where Harriet learned to fly her Bleriot! Our public speakers were Doris L. Rich, author of "The Magnificent Moisants" and other aviation biographies and Joshua Stoff, Sr. Curator of the Cradle of Aviation Museum and author of several books on aviation pioneers, including Charles Lindbergh.

Our 1997 Conference was held at the Western Aerospace Museum in Oakland, California.  Our distinguised speakers included William Schoneberger and Robert Olislagers with slide presentations on early airports and aviation meets in California.  As Director, I also presented a new biographical slide presentation of Harriet Quimby's life which includes the latest information we have on her friendship with director, D.W. Griffith and her accomplishments as a photo-journalist.

replica of Harriet Quimby's flying costume
A replica of Harriet Quimby's flying costume was annually displayed courtesy of the International Womens Air & Space Museum (IWASM).
To see pictures of my visit to Little Brewster Island as the guests of the U.S. Coast Guard October 19, 2000 - OR - To order BOSTON LIGHT A Historical Perspective by Dr. Sally Snowman, CLICK HERE. -GBK


The "Harriet Quimby Research Conference Journals (Vol I-VI) (1995-2000)"
are no long available.  Reference copies are archived at The Smithsonian
and at the Cradle of Aviation Museum:

Patricia Williams, Archivist
NASM - MRC 322
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C. 20560

Joshua Stoff, Director
Cradle of Aviation Museum
One Davis Avenue
Garden City, New York 11530

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