a child showing her National History Day Project
child in Harriet Quimby flying costume
The National History Day Project

Since 1999, I have assisted several teens to compete in the NHDP in various ways.  When I am contacted for my advice, I make sure that I clear all communications with the child's parents in a personal phone call at the onset of our work.

 I do not alter the child's project, but I offer ideas on how to do research, obtain photographs, and sometimes create their own costumes.  I have loaned “props” and sent encouraging messages as they progress from their school, regional, state and then national competitions.

During 2000 and 2001, several teens in different states made it to the National contest in Washington, D.C. In 2006-2007, I assisted a brother/sister duo in creating their own documentary on Harriet. To date, none have won the “big prize” at the national level, but all have won my heart and admiration for their creative ideas and keen sense of history.

This year I was proud to offer assistance to a young lady who wanted to give a presentation at her school on Harriet Quimby. Short of funds, I suggested an inexpensive way to create the “look” of Harriet's purple flying costume. Her family has allowed me to use her image, although I will not reveal her identity. I hope it inspires many more children to tell Harriet's story. - GBK

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